Monday, September 21, 2015

A Fall Transition

The weather in Montana has been making the swing back and forth from 80's to 50's over the past few weeks in preparation of the changing of the seasons.

I've been fortunate in my travels across the Bitterroot Valley and along the Clark Fork River to watch the trees change.

On the downside, I've been gone at least three days a week and will continue to do so until November (at the earliest).  I'm currently working two positions at work in addition to traveling, which means my days are long when I'm on road, and packed to the brim when I'm in my office.

While I'm home I'm soaking up as much time with my lil guy as I can.  I cannot believe he will be 10 months old in two weeks!!  It seems that he's learned a new trick or skill every time I see him.  He mimics J and I, and we have a BLAST teaching him fun tricks.

This blog will be quieter over the next two months while my life is busier - but feel free to find me on instagram (@wigdiggity) to see what our family is up too!
Still hungry after dinner!  Haha

Flying home from Seattle

First Carroll Football game!

What kind of post would it be without a few photos?

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