Thursday, September 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy 9 Months

#wiggydiggy  | 9 MONTHS

nicknames | bug, lil man, buggy, magoo

weight | 
 19 lbs 3 oz and 28 1/2 inches tall

size | Size 3 diapers and all 12 month clothes.  Two days after you turned 8 months, I had to pull all of the 9 month clothes.  You are just growing so quickly!!

 sleep |  You sleep through the night (yay!!!) but you fight naps at daycare.  On the weekends I can count on you to take at least two naps around a hour each.  If you don't nap at daycare, you can nap for up to 2 hours at home before dinner.

eats | Everything!!  We let you 'feed' yourself and then we bring in a few oz of puree to finish filling you up.   

loves | "chasing" after mama down the hall, bath time, peek-a-boo, wrestling with daddy

dislikes | Waiting on food, dirty diapers, getting out of the bath

firsts |  Standing!  You stood up all by yourself on 8/28.  You surprised yourself when you pulled yourself into a standing position and then you didn't want to be sitting anymore.  You pull yourself up on everything and your ankles are getting so strong!!  Won't be long before you're walking......

Momma | I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a HAPPY baby!  You are always smiling and laughing.  I love our alone hour when we get home from daycare/work.  We roll around and have tickle wars on our bed.  You'll belly laugh so loud and long that you eventually fall, mid-laugh, into sleep.  You always reach out to touch me while you are sleeping :)  Most of the time I move you to your crib, but every once in a while I stay snuggled with you on the bed.  You are so precious and I wish time would slow down.  I'll lay there and study your face and memorize the sound of your breathing.  I love you so much lil man.

Daddy | Dear Son:

Today you are 9 months old, it’s hard to believe you have been outside in this world longer than you were in momma’s womb.  You are a very busy kiddo, you can crawl, sit up on your own and your new favorite thing to do is pull yourself up in to a standing position.  We had to lower your crib mattress as you were pulling yourself up on the railing.  You are becoming more and more vocal and have started mimicking the “waving” motion.  You love bath time and being in the water with your duckies and you love cuddling with momma before bed.  You are truly loved by all that meet you and you are an amazing kid.  Your mom and I truly hit the baby lottery with you and I can’t imagine a day where I don’t get to see your smiling face.  I love you so much son!

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