Thursday, January 7, 2016

Thanksgiving Game Day Recap

Once it was confirmed that we were celebrating Thanksgiving in Texas with my extended family, Justin jumped online and looked up Cowboy tickets for Thanksgiving day.  My brother and sister-in-law were also interested in watching the Cowboys so 4 tickets were bought and the day was set!

Fast forward a few months - on the drive to the airport I hear on the radio that Luke Bryan is the half time show at the game.  !!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, I'm the only one NOT in a Romo shirt (I refused to spend money on a shirt I'd wear once)

So excited!!!!!

Romo was injured mid game and the Cowboys had a poor performance.  No matter - as die hard fans, we stayed until the end and cheered them on anyways.

*Sorry for the iPhone pics, it was raining too hard to justify bringing our nice camera*

Thankfully there was Thanksgiving dinner waiting for us as home with a house full of family ready to hear our experience at the ATT Stadium.  It was an amazing experience!!

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