Friday, December 18, 2015

5 on Friday - Pre-Christmas Edition!

Life and work have been crazy busy lately.  I'm so glad that a 4.5 day holiday is coming up!

Our Christmas shopping is done (except my nieces, my husband procrastinates so I'll be picking them up this weekend), the house is *mostly* decorated and cookies are ready to be baked for the week ahead.  So the 5 things I'm looking forward to most this week?

Starbucks coffee on the regular!!  There isn't one close to my home or work, so taking that 10 minute trip out of my way is going to happen.....every day.

Our 2nd Christmas with our #wiggydiggy!  Last Christmas was the most magical.  I was holding my 3 week old love bug and nothing could top that feeling of euphoria.  This Christmas will be different, but just as wonderful.

All of my writing is FINALLY going to get caught up.  I've been squeaking out the Thank You cards in time, but the letters?  Ugh, those are sporadic at best.  Speaking of which....I need some new stationary.  Recommendations?


I'm in charge of the light dinner Christmas Eve.  Baked Hawaiian Sandwich's it is!
This year we are having a family dinner at our house on Christmas Eve after church.  Then we are going to bundle up and caravan out to look at Christmas lights :)  Our neighborhood goes all out, even puts luminaries along the street on Christmas Eve!

Spending 4 whole day with my boys.

This is all I hear all day long - Laughter.  It's the best :)

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