Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A little cake, a little smash

I had a hard time being OK with letting #wiggydiggy have a whole cake for his birthday.  This boy eats healthier than anyone I know!  He's only had some diluted pear juice (for tummy troubles) ONCE.  No extra sugar, no sweets, nada.  Only because I want him to have the very best, and it's a great excuse for me to eat my very best too.

So a whole cake for him to smash and enjoy?

I sucked it up and let him indulge.

Joke was on me.  I did most all of the smashing in those photos.  He had two bites and lost interest.  Haha.  Dad and I loved the leftover cake!!

This boy, oh.....words cannot describe the bond we have.  'You Are My I Love You' by MaryAnn Cusimano Love does a pretty amazing job.

**All Photos courtesy of Floating Leaf Studios. **
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