Thursday, December 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy 12 months

Happy 1st Birthday Love!!

#wiggydiggy | 12 Months

nicknames | bug, buggy, love bug, magoo, pumpkin pie, wiggydiggy

weight | 20 pounds 10 oz!  You're tall and skinny kiddo ;). 30 inches tall!

size | 18 month clothes and size 3 shoes. Size 4 isn't far off.  Size 3 diapers. 

sleep | You fall asleep between 730 and 8 PM, wake around 5 AM to have a quick nurse and fall back to sleep until 7/730 AM.  

eats | All. Of. The. Food.  You love blueberries and beans.  If either of those are offered to you, you'll skip all of the other food and eat until you cannot eat anymore.  I started a few weeks early (only because you love yogurt and cheese and haven't had any tummy issues) and began to mix whole milk into some breast milk bottles.  You've even had two entire bottle of whole milk and chugged them down.  Grow Baby Grow!

loves | Standing and faux-walking (though I have caught you taking a step or two from one toy to another).  Playing peek-a-boo, tummy tickles, 'wrestling' with Momma and Daddy

dislikes | Showing your teeth, having your nose wiped, juice, and not getting to play with our phones

firsts | Another Tooth!  We are at 6 now!  And haircuts - I've give you 13 now.  I need to take you for a 'real' one because holy moly kid, your hair grows FAST.  

Momma | All breast milk all the time has stated to taper off.   I'm not sure how longer we'll nurse since you've started taking whole milk at daycare and we are only nursing in the morning and at night.  My beautiful boy, you are such a love bug.  You are generous with your hugs and kisses and I cannot get enough of them.  You light up my life little man!

One whole year has passed since you entered this world, and I couldn't be more grateful for being blessed with such a happy, loving son.  The day you were born was the day my life truly started.  I love you.

Daddy | 

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