Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Uh....where did February go?  I feel like I just turned the calendar over from January.  This month has just flown by

With the changing of calendar pages, comes a fresh sheet of 'goals'.  Though, once spring arrives, I head out the door to travel this great state of Montana.  Over the next 6 months, I'll be traveling to the farthest corners of this great state.  Montana is the 4th largest state and some days I'll drive non-stop for 8 hours before I'll even reach my destination.  That's right - all 8 hours are within the Montana border (and that's not even the longest drive!)

With that being said (off topic much?), I try to keep my lists short.


1. Finish listing all items on Poshmark

2.Get guest room prepped for Mom's visit.
(it's currently full of Poshmark items.  Hence #1)

3.New shower liner in guest bath. #soglamorous

4. Hang guest bath artwork.

5. Schedule golf lessons!!

That's is.  I told you, short and sweet.  I'm hoping that I can hang the artwork tonight during #wiggydiggy's bath.  Multi-taking at it's finest :)
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