Monday, February 29, 2016

Why I won't watch The Bachelor

Well, this one is pretty necessary - we don't have cable/satellite.

Sure, we Netflix and check out shows on their websites, but TV doesn't 'happen' at our house.

It goes against my morals and convictions.

HOW can we, in this day and age, be OK with a grown man 'dating' so many women at once?  We applaud him for kissing and/or having sex with these girls, yet get pissed when men in our real lives attempt to do the same.

Double standards much?

It's so fake, it hurts.

It actually hurts to watch Reality TV.  Fake drama, fake situations, real stupidity.

I don't like being tied to having to watch something at a designated time.  

Not having the ability to record shows means I check them out at later dates online.  Sometimes I watch entire seasons a year later.  I like not being tied to the TV.  It's a brain drain.

#wiggydiggy doesn't have screen time.

Now, J and I were fighting a head cold this weekend so he spent most of his weekend on the couch watching a documentary.  #wiggydiggy did end up on his lap a few times, but he was more interested in Dad's snacks and the remote.  We try very hard to keep the TV and tablets turned off during the day, but with two sick parents, we struggled through best we could.  
I crawl into bed shortly after #wiggydiggy goes down (around 7/730) and watch an episode or two of West Wing on Netflix, but that's it!  During the day it's play time and lots of interaction.

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