Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Man's Shelves

Once we started the shelves in the living room, I was bitten by the project bug and started in on J to get his "Man Room" (aka the Family Room) done too.

J  headed to Home Depot (the mother land) and ended up coming up with a different way to hang the shelves, thanks to an awesome tip from our favorite HD Employee.

A few hours later one weekend and the install was done!  I was left to stain.  Which - WHY DO WE DO THIS IN WINTER?!  Always winter?!  The dang stain took almost a week to fully dry.  J came up with the brilliant idea of the blanket rack and now this wall is almost done!

There is some painting I have to do over'll be done this weekend.

We still need to trim out the family room and install our new wireless speakers.  Also, we have quite a few items that need to be hung, but we haven't made it back to this room since the shelves went up.  I think I'll have to remedy that once warmer weather hits.

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