Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Folks!

Work has slowed down (hallelujah!) and I'm finally feeling like I can balance everything that is going on.  Which is ironic considering we are doing twice as much as before!  Haha.

#wiggydiggy is in swim lessons!

At first J laughed at me and asked repeatedly "Why?".  My answer has been the same.  I want him comfortable in large bodies of water.  With a boat and access all summer to a pool, he needs to know what to expect.  Turns out, Dad loves the lessons as much as he does! #winning

 My birthday was on the 30th.  It.  Was.  Wonderful.  So great, only a single picture was taken!
Birthday gift!  New Converse

Breakfast was at a delicious crepe place downtown, we stopped at Starbucks for my Birthday drink (a Venti of course) and then walked around the Boat Show for a bit.  Afternoon was a family nap and then I headed off to meet a girl friend for a mani/shopping date.  I also cashed in my free Redbox movie and picked up sushi for myself.  I don't think I stopped smiling all day.

I'm on a major purge at home.  There are closets that haven't been touched since we moved in three years ago.  I want it gone.  All gone.  Stop by Goodwill off Montana St this weekend to see our goodies!

Haircut time!

The ends were just too....blah.  I needed to hit the refresh button.

The lil guy is cutting his molars :(  We lucked out with his first 8 teeth, but not the pain is heartbreaking.
So we are spending lots of time cuddling and letting him use his paci during they day.
I already had to throw one away because he chewed a hole in it!

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