Wednesday, February 3, 2016


For our 1 year old, I asked for only 1 gift.  But you know grandparents - they spoil :)

Our one gift was the Anywhere Chair from PBK.  This is by far his favorite gift and everyday he will toddle as quickly as he can over to his chair to sit and look out the window.  I have a feeling this chair will be a fixture in our living room for years to come :)

We spent the morning at home, just the three of us.  I made a big and delicious breakfast then we sat around the living room opening presents.  I wrote out some thank you notes before we got ready to head over to my in-law's for Christmas dinner and more presents.

With 5 grandchildren, chaos is an understatement!  At #wiggydiggy's nap time we headed home (just a few blocks away) for a family nap.  We returned about 2 hours later for a light dinner and some more family time.

I love this family of mine.

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