Thursday, July 7, 2016

Entryway Demo

Our entry way used to look like this:
2014 baby shower
See that green astro turf?

I don't really have a good 'before' photos.  Because who wants photos of green astro turf?
Progress photos:

I originally wanted a turquoise color, but Justin didn't like the look, so we went back and picked a sky blue.

It's just temporary and fun until we have our new door:

My current choice

I'm still thinking I'll paint it a light turquoise :)

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  1. I definitely want to paint my front door a fun color but my hubby is against it. I'm still working on him! Ha!

    1. You could always paint a "test spot" first. Haha. That's what I did, but my "test spot" was 3/4 of the door! By then he agreed I should just paint the whole thing. Hahaha

      Really, we are planning on replacing the door, so trying on colors was something he was game for as long as it's short term. He's still lobbying hard to have a red door again.