Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Essential Oils - Roller Ball Addition

A while back I talked about my introduction into the world of essential oils/going chemical free.
(See Here)

**Important note: not all essential oils are created equal. The only oils I can recommend in good conscience are Young Living essential oils.**

Over the past few months, I've done a bit of research and experimenting and I wanted to share a few more tips with you!

These roller balls from Amazon are fantastic.

I also order Fractionated Coconut oil from Amazon as well.

I utilize Pinterest as often as I can, but I feel like every time I pin an essential oil tip, the pin is taken down (copyright request).  I've learned to check the website link ASAP and write any recipes down that I like.

How to Use:

I fill my roller ball 3/4 full of Fractionated oil, then put in my Essential Oils.
Shake and roll on when ever you want!

Favorite Recipes:

Sleep Blend
Equal drops of Lavender and Peace and Calming
(use fewer drops for younger children)

Uplifting "Chiropractor in a Bottle" Blend
10 drops Valor

(this oil can also be used neat, but I like the roller ball for easy use)

Fever Reducer
10 drops Peppermint
(use fewer drops for young children - only apply to bottom of feet)

I use this one on #wiggydiggy anytime he begins to run a fever, typically when he's teething, and IT WORKS!

I also use Lavender alone and Peace and Calming alone.  I carry Peace and Calming with me everywhere.

Do you have any favorite roller ball recipes?

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