Friday, August 12, 2016

Wiggydiggy | 20 Months

#wiggydiggy | 20 Months

You are closer to 2 than you are to 1 and my heart breaks a little.  You just went though a growth spurt and holy moly, you have legs for days kid!
Your favorite toy
 nicknames | bug, nugget, baby

weight | unknown

size | 18 month- 2T clothes and size 5 shoes.  Size 4 diapers   

Lewis and Clark Caverns

sleep | You like your bedtime at 745/8 and you wake between 630 and 7 for breakfast.  You are taking 1 nap a day averaging 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

eats |  More than me!  But that's standard ;)  You are eating pretty much everything we put in front of you and you don't really turn anything down.

loves | Being adventurous (climbing, jumping, swinging, etc)  Playing outside, swimming, putting on shoes and going for bike rides.

dislikes | Not getting to go outside, having a toy/paci/etc taken from you, being woken up in the morning.

Thunderbird Airshow

firsts | Long Road Trip!  We drove to Cheyenne, WY and you were a TROOPER.  We also took you to Colorado while visiting Grandma and Papa and you enjoyed our mini trips.  We also introduced Little Einsteins to you.  It took you a few weeks, but now you know what "TB" is and you enjoy sitting still (shocking!) to watch 10 minutes or so.  We really limited your time with TV now that you've experienced it.  B.U.T. the Olympics are on and your dad is hooked.  So you've snuck in a few events.

You also cut your top canines and are currently in the middle of cutting your bottom canines.  Your vocabulary is BOOMING!  You even speak small phrases/sentences now.  Daycare is talking about moving you up to the 2 year old room (where your best friend is) since you play with the big kids at recess and eat afternoon snack with them.

Eating lunch in Estes Park, CO

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