Thursday, August 11, 2016

Essential Oils - Skin Care Addition

A while back I mentioned that I started putting Frankincense oil in my face lotion (see here).

Two months later?  I LOVE IT.  My skin is so smooth and baby soft!

I also use diluted Tea Tree oil in my skin care routine.

Post Breastfeeding wreaked havoc on my face.  I was blemish free all through pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Then one morning, a week or so after finishing nursing -  BAM.  Major breakout.  Now my hormones cause a breakout every month, but each month that passes, there are fewer and fewer blemishes I have to contend with.

I have a hard time putting chemicals on my skin now.  Not only do I get horribly dry spots that peel and can't be covered in make-up, I don't know how the chemical affect other parts of my body.  With Tea Tree, I have no peeling skin, no extra redness, and no worries!  Personally I've seen faster results from using Tea Tree than I have using any other OTC or prescribed medication.

After I wash my face at night, I get a cotton ball damp and put two drops of tea tree oil on it.  Then I swipe it over my acne prone spots and let dry.  Then I put on my lotion and wake up to buttery soft skin that glows.
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