Monday, December 12, 2016

Birthday Train Ride

In true last minute packing fashion, we left our camera at home.  Enjoy the iPhone quality photos ;)

For #wiggydiggy's second birthday (2! he's 2!) we wanted to take him on a North Pole Adventure train ride in Lewistown, MT.

Our little boy LOVES trains and excitedly points out Santa Claus every time he spots a figure of him.  We knew that a train ride WITH Santa Claus would be a huge hit for our birthday boy.
Bonus points to Mom and Dad for taking him on his actual birthday.  Haha.

Say Cheese!

I love this photo.  Some Elfs came through the door and he was in AWE.

Singing Christmas carols and eating sugar cookies.

Listening to a Christmas story by Elf Bill

We stayed the night since Lewistown is about 3 hours from Helena.  The Calvert Hotel is my favorite place to stay when I'm traveling through, I highly recommend it!

The next day (after a pretty crappy buffet breakfast) we headed back home.  We had planned to stop in Great Falls for some shopping, but neither of us could really think of anything we needed.  Maybe next time Great Falls!

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