Friday, May 12, 2017

Five on Friday - Mother's Day Edition

I'm sad to see September Farm and The Farmer's Wife closing down their link-up.  With summer heading our way quickly, I can see fewer blog posts in everyone's future though :)

Onward and Upwards!

Mother's Day is this weekend and I hope every one has a wonderful day spoiling their moms and being spoiled (if they are a mom).

Here are the top items on my Mother's Day Wishlist.  I'm a very practical gift giver/wanter (is that a word?  No?  oh well)  Two years ago I asked for a stick vacuum and Justin and I both agree it's the best gift we still use to this day.

Getting my Tahoe detailed.

It's in the shop now and I should be picking it up after lunch!  I found a local place that does chemical free steam cleaning and they clean your car seat for free!!  Hallelujah for a crumb/dirt/spilt coffee free ride.

I have been wanting one for a while and now that zucchini is really coming into season, it's time to start making zoodles!
I'm also planning on making some sweet potato curly fries this weekend.  Fingers crossed!

A Ringly Bracelet

This is definitely a more impractical gift, but I love that it can replace my fitbit AND be connected to my phone.  I would love to keep my phone down more but not worry about missing calls/notifications from important numbers.  My size is currently sold out but the second it's restocked, that beautiful piece of jewelry is getting ordered.

A Roomba

This probably will end up being my Christmas always...a vacuum :)  Haha!
But really, this would be amazing.  I love that it has an app so I can run it remotely.

A Family Day on Sunday

No brunches!

I'm open to take out though ;)

Have a Happy Mother's Day!  I hope the weather is sunny, the kids are happy, and you get a full night's sleep.

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