Monday, May 8, 2017

Quick Cheyenne Trip

While Dad was in Vegas for a Bachelor party, #wiggydiggy and I drove to Cheyenne to get in some quick family time.

#wiggydiggy did SO WELL on the drive down and back.  We stopped half way (Sheridan, WY) at the same McDonald's so he could play in the play place and burn some energy off.

We arrive Thursday afternoon just when the kids were getting out of school.  Those boys immediently grabbed the basket of balls and spent the rest of the evening playing outside in the gorgeous weather.

Friday, my sister-in-law and I drove to Denver for a 'Mom's Day Out' in Cherry Creek.  We started at Dry Bar for a little pampering before hitting the mall for some hard core shopping.  We also stopped at Ikea for some picture frames before driving home that afternoon.  I really wanted to stop at the outlet mall in Loveland but the traffic was so horrible I decided to skip it.  Not worth the headache.

Saturday was a fun family day with my youngest nephew.  First stop was my brothers house to check out the barn, garden, and play in the dirt :)  Then my mom, nephew, #wiggydiggy, and I stopped at the library to check out Free Comic Book Day.  After lunch and naps we headed to the park.  Once #wiggydiggy saw the helicopter doing maneuvers, his eyes never left the sky.  We walked over towards the lake to get a better view and that little boy RAN across the sand and sat down to take off his shoes at the water's edge.  No fear in him!  Haha.

Photo Dump Time

Searching for ants


Haha.  Great face Dad!

 Exploring in the barn

 He tried so hard to swing like the big boys.

Interesting Statue!

The Cheyenne Library has such a fun kids area!



 He loves the water.  Though he called this the 'Ocean'.  So cute!

Writing my Mother's Day card :)

Pit stop in the Billings mall

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