Friday, August 11, 2017

5 on Friday - Beauty Staples

I didn't really care about skin care until I became a mom.
I didn't have the need.  I was relatively break out free and didn't have any issues.
I often slept in my make-up (Bare Minerals for a decade) and rarely, if ever, cleaned my bushes.
Forget about pampering!

I have gotten older and wiser of the past few years.  It has made me fully regret treating my skin so poorly for so long.

I buy mine at Costco in a two pack.  They last me AGES.

I wash my face with coconut oil at night.  No more dry spots, uneven texture or combination skin problems.  I'm a dye hard fan now.


Having the right foundation for your face makes a huge difference. (I think it's why I got away with no skin routine for so long)  I've used Cetaphil since I was a teenager and I still love it.  Now I add Frankincense oil to the lotion for some added benefits.

Eye Cream

UGH.  This is one I wish I had started in my early twenties.
I'm currently using Vichy but I am open to any and all recommendations.
I'm ordering Posh Impish Eyes this week.  Anything else I should try?

Therapeutic Hot / Cold Relief Gel Eye Relaxing Therapy Masks Chronic Sinus Treatments
I found mine at CVS for less than this one, but you get the idea.  I love that it has eye holes so I can wear the mask while getting chores done, but I mostly wear it in bed while watching Netflix!  haha. 

I haven't dealt with puffy eyes since I picked mine up.  Highly Highly Recommend.


The only mascara I use.  I've tried others, and none come close.

I have a few other beauty staples - items that always have room on my shelf, but these are the ones I cannot live without.  What beauty staples do you use?  Any recommendations!?!

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