Thursday, January 9, 2020

#Biggywigs - 19 Months

#biggywigs | 19 Months

I was hoping to have an 18 month update, but the earliest I could get you in for a well check was at 19 months.

nicknames | monkey, a rhyme of your name, Baby

weight | 30 pounds and 33 inches.  You seem to be in the midst of a growth spurt right now though, some pants are suddenly getting short.

size | 2 T clothes, size 6 diapers and size 6 shoes

sleep | Bedtime is 7-730.  You're currently waking around 5AM (ugh) but then you want a nap by 7AM.  School only allows you to take one nap - you average 2 hours.  At home you take 1-2 naps that total 3 or more hours.

eats |  You LOVE applesauce and yogurt.  So much so that we have a limit on how much you can eat each day!  You are picky, but you also eat most everything I give you....eventually.  You have a healthy appetite and use utensils and drink from a regular cup (!!)

loves | 'Reading' books to yourself.  Playing outside, following big brother around, and stealing my snacks.

dislikes | Getting your diaper changed, being over tired, and not getting to do everything brother does

firsts | Words : Dada, Brother, Mama, Bye Bye, No, More, Please, Water, Apple (for applesauce), 'Nack, Ball, But-Ball (football), Book, Dog, Nana (banana), Hat, Baa (sheep), and Go.  You can run backwards, "brush" your own teeth, and you try so hard to put on your own jacket and shoes.  You've moved up to the 18-2 year old room at school and YOU LOVE IT.  

Mama |  WOW!  Honey, I'm just blown away by you.  You are so stinking smart.  You watch everything big brother does and then you do it to.  I'm just glad your a smidgen too short to reach the door knobs to turn them!  Haha.  You are so independent and at the same time, just in love with your big brother.  You want to do everything he does, right by his side, sometimes right on top of him :)  You give the best hugs and you are a complete snuggle bug.  You are so content to just curl up in my arms to take a nap.  As a fellow cuddler, this make Mama very very happy.

You love school and I can see how much you bloom while you're there.  #wiggydiggy didn't have a Montessori beginning like you, so I'm  more aware of the differences.  You eat so well with your utensils and drinking out of a big boy cup.  You even wipe down the table and chair!   You love to sit with a stack of books and 'read' them out loud.  I love you to the moon and back.  I'll love you forever.

Daddy | 

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