Friday, January 17, 2020

5 on Friday - Birthday Wish List

Some things I've had my eye on....


I received the Heather Dusk for Christmas and fell in love.  I ordered myself the black one as a birthday gift from my boys ;)

A Spa Day

Justin and I are going on a ski/spa trip with some friends the weekend after my birthday.  I am so excited for some pampering!  I haven't had a mani or pedi in MONTHS.  Massage too?  Yes please!

Ski Helmet
Now that #biggywigs is older, I can actually get in some skiing this year!  Between pregnancies and nursing, I just wasn't able to get to the slopes the last few years and I am so excited for our upcoming ski date.

New sheets

Our white sheets ripped on the side, so I'm on the hunt.

Poshmark Shopping!

I purged my closet after the holidays and added quite a few listings to my Poshmark closet.
I love the J Crew Lookout High Rise jeans, that are no longer sold (what's the new style?  Help!).
I'm going to use my Poshmark sale earnings to snag a few good deals on new jeans!

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  1. I have some Threshold percale sheets from Target that I really like, but my FAVORITE are some linen-blend sheets I had (that I was raving about on Instagram a couple weeks ago). If you can/want to splurge a little bit, they're 800% worth it. I think brand really doesn't matter too much but I've heard the Brooklinen 100% linens are nice.

  2. I'll see if Justin's interested in Linen sheets! He's particular ;) Thanks!