Monday, May 18, 2020

#biggywigs | 2 Years

#biggywigs | 2 Years

You turned 2 on Friday and had your 2 year check up today.  It was a wonderful weekend celebrating you!!  Big Brother told you Happy Birthday every morning and gave you extra hugs. <3 p="">

nicknames | Monkey, a rhyme of your name, Baby

weight | 36.6 ' tall and 32 pounds!  97% and 89% respectfully.  Finally the percentages have swapped and you're taller than round.

size | 3T clothes, size 6 diapers and size 7 shoes

sleep | Bedtime is 730.  You're currently waking around 6AM, and napping right after lunch for about 2 hours.

eats |  Being home has not helped your picky food problems.  You get lots of veggie pouches, applesauce, yogurt, crackers and fruit to snack on.  You love chicken, beef, and (of course) carbs.  Our meals are on a pretty constant rotation so you aren't being exposed to as much as if you were at school.  Oh well, you are still growing!

loves | Being outside, chasing brother, and dancing.

dislikes | Getting your diaper changed (most of the time), not getting the toy brother is playing with, being in the car too long.

firsts | You left the house for the first time today since March 16th; other than a car ride that is.  You were so excited to see your Dr and all of the nurses that you had to tell EVERYONE hello and goodbye.  It was a mini parade on your way out of the office!  So stinking cute.

You sleep in your bed for nap no problem.  Every night you end up waking up and walking across the hall and into our bed.  I'm hoping that we can get you to stay in your bed all night here very soon.

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