Thursday, February 13, 2014

Care for a drink?

One of the biggest projects J wanted to conquer in our home was building our bar.  The dining room had the Perfect spot that was just a touch deeper than standard cabinets.

J is painting Behr Silver Sateen
TL: new light fixture and furniture, pre cabinets
TM: Verifying Cabinets fit in the space
TR: Staining - Red Mahogany
Middle Row: Installing Cabinets and counter tops
Bottom Row: Finishing the product
All materials from Lowe's

Uppers went in!

Side Splash and Counter tops

All materials from Lowe's

J is a beast.  He did 90% of the work (I helped stain, measure, cut and clean.) and even built the inserts in the upper cabinets for our wine!  


The final product!
excuse the mess.  I didn't think I would put this one here before I took the photo.  :/

I've never been so impressed with how hard of a worker J is.  I know he is dedicated and focused at work, but to watch him build this with his own two hands was impressive.  I helped where I could, but he had the vision to build the inserts and shelves all on his own.

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