Monday, February 10, 2014

Living Room Progress

Our living room is the heart of our house.  It's a sunken living room directly across from the entry way and next to our dining room.  I do not want a TV in this room, I want the focus to be friends and family.  I use this room the most to read, relax and where all of our guests hangout.

The Before's

Please excuse the blurry blackberry photos

We painted the main house a light gray (honestly, I'm not a super fan.  I want less blue gray and a darker gray.  I think repainting the main area will be a spring project - before the new trim goes in), took out the baseboard heaters and added a ceiling fan.
We had a horrible brown and white chevron rug that refused to lay flat.  I've never been so happy to get rid of something in my life!  

The After's

Also on the agenda - refinishing the coffee table and building the end tables.

In the previous photo you could see the plain white curtains.  I painted the curtains with a tan color to add some depth to the windows, as well as tie in the space between the fireplace and couches.
Here is our current 'After'.  Notice the mismatched striped curtains in the back?  Yup, not quite sure how I mangled that so badly.  We put in a ceiling fan, painted the fireplace white and added some fun lamps!!
Here's a close up of the lamps.  We love geometric patterns and plan to use another pattern in our entry way bench.

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