Monday, February 24, 2014

Funday Monday ~a link up~

This weekend it snowed.  Almost every minute of the day, every day, starting Friday.
My current view at work.

J blew the driveway twice yesterday and it was mid shin deep this morning.  I'm loving it!

Friday night, the in-laws came over for Pinochle and steaks.  I'm doggy sitting for a neighbor/co-worker, so my mornings were SUPER early this weekend (and I'm not a morning person).  Saturday we napped, ran to Home Depot, Macy's and Target, napped some more and read.  Snow makes us lazy.  Sunday after church we rallied together and started painting.
The beginning.....

We agreed to only paint one gallon at a time.  First time we painted the house we bought a five gallon bucket and we had WAY to much left over.  This time one gallon covered the hallway, entryway, most of the dining room and a good portion of the trim work in the family room.  Since we are replacing all of the trim, doors and flooring we didn't feel the need to tape.  The trim work is beat to crap with many paint splotches from the previous owner.  Lots of the trim is cracked or missing too.

Only good thing about the weekend being over?  Tonight is laundry and relaxing!  Happy Monday!!

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