Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 Weeks!

taken at 8w0d

How far along:  8 weeks

Baby size: Kidney Bean

Baby's progress: Webbed fingers and toes!  And Brain development!

Weight gain: I'm down 3 pounds.  Food aversion is real.

Stretch marks: Nothing yet.

Sleep: So far, so good.  I'm so stinking tired that my bedtime is 8 pm.

Gender: We aren't finding out :)

Movement: Nothing I can feel

Best moment this week: Ultrasound!!!  I cannot wait.

Looking forward to: Getting the 'all's good' at the ultrasound so we can start planning our announcement.

Food cravings: Food is gross and I want nothing.  I'm drinking protein shakes and carnation instant breakfasts because I need sustenance.  And Greek yogurt with granola.   Nothing sounds good and everything smells horrible.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I haven't been sick, but I'm queasy quite often.  The thought or smell of food intensifies it.  

Labor signs: Nope

What I miss: Wine. Salami and Cheese.  I dream about those sandwich's.

Symptoms: the downside - bloating, constipation, nausea.  The upside - naps (lots!), cuddles and a teeny tiny bump!

Workouts: I'm going on two walks a day at work - over a mile each time.  That's all I have energy for right now.

Things that suck: Allergies!!

Things that don't suck: Naps.  I cannot say enough for the amazing power of naps.  

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