Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was finally productive!  We picked up our new trailer on Friday and J's already taken 6 loads to the dump and brought home the drywall for the bathroom.  This little guy will be weekly appearances at the dump for a while :)

Also this weekend was J's Birthday.  I took the birthday boy to Sears to pick up his present - a power washer.  We scored BIG time at Sears.  J had been looking at a few models from Lowe's and Home Depot, but when we got to Sears there was a much nicer model at 50% off.  The 50% off made it less than the other washers he had been looking at!  We couldn't pass up the smoking deal, so it was bought and loaded up within 10 minutes.  I'd say the birthday boy is pretty happy.

While I was doing laundry and other general chores, J decided to put his new chainsaw to work and trim up our trees.  We have two big pine trees in front of our home and we've been wanting to clean up underneath them since we moved in last year.  While J was loading up the limbs after getting the big tree done, our awesome neighbor came over and gave him a standing ovation.  It's always good to know that the hard work we do to the house is appreciated.  

The smaller tree - before getting cut.

The big tree cleaned out!

We still have work to do - cleaning out under the trees and rebuilding a stone wall around the base.  But this summer is the prefect time for outdoor projects.

On a separate note, I picked up some new shampoo and conditioner.  I'm still debating if I like them or not.  Yesterday it felt like I hadn't rinsed my hair enough, but since I shaved my legs after I conditioned my hair, I knew that wasn't the case.  Have you had any experience with them?

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