Monday, May 12, 2014

Week (end) Wrap-Up

I was out of town last week with limited access to a laptop and internet.  So instead of updating you throughout the week with Justin's amazing bathroom room progress while I was out of town - I get to lump it all together in one post.  Lucky you! 

My conference was amazing - busy, hectic, insane, but amazing.  I coordinate/organize the conferences my organization holds and this week is our BIG conference week during the year.  I had a presentation one morning in a partner conference and then I was off and running with our own.  As insanely busy as I was, I had to take time to enjoy the pond in the courtyard as I ran from one meeting room to the other side of the hotel.  There's something about ducklings.......

Of course, another awesome perk of week long conferences is the banquet dessert.  Nothing tops a stressful week like a decadent chocolate dessert.  NOM.

Back on the home front, Justin was working hard on the guest bathroom.  We had been in limbo for a few weeks waiting for our trailer to arrive.  He was so excited to get back to work so this project can start to see some progress. 
The shower Durock and most of the drywall have been put up.  He also pulled out the laminate vanity and 80's light fixtures.

Over the weekend he finished up some smaller detail work in the bathroom so we can finish the walls and start tiling this week.  I headed out to my sister in law's to help paint one of the girls rooms.  They just moved the oldest into her own room and my mother in law painted her room before the move took place.  It only seemed fair that before they moved their 3rd little girl in with their 2nd oldest, we helped to paint their room and the downstairs bathroom.

Painting in progress

For Mother's Day, Justin and I had his family over.  Making dinner for my mother in law and sister in law as a thank you for being such great moms was a fantastic way to end the weekend.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day as well!!

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