Monday, May 11, 2015

#wiggydiggy - 5 Months

#wiggydiggy | 5 MONTHS

nicknames | baby, lil man, dude, magoo, bug

weight | 16 3/4 pounds and 26 1/4 inches long

size | You are solidly in 9 months clothes.  The legs may be long on the pants, but your long torso needs the extra length in the onsies.  You still have a few 6 month items that fit, but they are getting ready to be packed away.  You are on the threshold of moving from size 2 to size 3 diapers.

sleep | 
Well, 4 months was interesting.  "Everyone" talks about this 4 month sleep regression (who is this "everyone"?) and I'm questioning if you really went through it.  You still slept, and slept lots, however it wasn't as restful of sleep.  You tossed and turned quite a bit and I would wake up to you 'talking' to yourself in the dark every once in a while.

eats | Still 100% breast milk and still on the same schedule. For a few weeks I tried to keep on the same pumping schedule on the weekends, but I love nursing you so much I gave it up.  We tried oatmeal once, but you weren't interested in a spoon.  And to be honest, I'd rather wait until you show interest in wanting food before we try again.  Only this time, I'll try some pureed vegetables instead of oatmeal.

loves |  You love talking to anyone and everyone.  You still love being tickled, taking baths and staring at ceiling fans.  Your jumperoo is your favorite toy and Jamie (from daycare) is your best friend.  You prefer being held upright and haven't fussed on car rides since we moved you into a convertible car seat.

dislikes |  You hate being tired.  That is the one time you will just have a melt down and need some rocks and snuggles from us to help you fall asleep if you were kept up too long.  You don't like being held "like a baby" anymore.  Only upright will do!

firsts |  Rolling over!!  Right before 4 months you rolled over from your tummy to your back, but then you held off another week before doing it consistently.  This month you've been practicing your rolls and putting your feet in your mouth.  When you are on tummy time, you try so HARD to move forward, it will be fun watching you learn to crawl.  You also had your first overnight away from home!  We spent a weekend in Whitefish and you were the very best baby ever.  

Momma |  You and I went on our first road trip!  We went up to Great Falls one Saturday to visit friends and do some shopping.  I had a blast spending the day with you and I timed it so that your naps times were during the drive.  I couldn't have asked for a better co-pilot.

I love our hour together every day before Dad gets home.  I have so much fun listening to you tell me about your day during your bath and lotion rub down.  I wish I could spend all of my day playing with you and watching you grow and learn, but I know how beneficial your daycare is.  You have changed so much since starting there and I know that playing with your classmates is a big contributor of that.

Daddy |  
I really enjoy our guy time every morning after Mom leaves for work, which consists of you chatting away, bouncing in your jumperoo, and drooling :)  Normally, you fall asleep on the way to daycare, but lately, you have been wide awake playing and chatting.  Miss Jamie says she loves you and that you are her favorite.  I feel at ease when I walk out of fundamentals knowing you are taken care of so well during the day, but I still miss you and think about you throughout the day.  You are starting to make the crawling motion while on your tummy and soon, you will be motoring all over the house.  You have begun teething which makes you fussy and uncomfortable, but you are still a super happy kid and your mom and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.  We love you very much.

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