Friday, May 22, 2015

Five on Friday - Travel Essentials

This year, I have a LOT of traveling planned for both work and play.  With my calendar rapidly filling up, I've been making my packing lists to prepare in advance.  I have a few specific items that go with me on EVERY trip no matter the reason.:

This one is pretty self explanatory - I have one car charger adapter and one outlet adapter to use with all of my electronics (pump excluded.  That one has it's own charger)

Driving Flats/Airport Flats
Even though I love wearing heels everyday, I know there are times that I need flats.
In the winter I always toss my snow boots in the car.
I have a pair of B.O.C. sandals that I LOVE to wear in warmer weather.  I currently have my eye on these:

I've always worn sandals or flip flops, so ballet flats are new territory to me.

No matter the weather, I always have a scarf on (and two or three packed).  They are perfect for a quick layer for warmth or to block some skin from direct sunlight.  Bonus - great for covering up while breastfeeding!
My favorites are from The Limited:
and Gap

My Kindle and/or Sound Machine
Can't sleep without my white noise!  It's extremely important when traveling with #wiggydiggy.
If I'm by myself, the app on my Kindle is more than sufficient.  However, I take our Homedics Sound machine when #wiggydiggy comes along.

Travel Tote
I used to transfer my purse into a large tote when I traveled.  Now my Brahmin Bag is also my baby bag, so it's a one stop shop.
My travel tote has to carry all of my essentials without a problem. - Diapers, wipes, toys, kleenex, hand sanitizer, phone, wallet, lip gloss, snacks, pens, blanket, bottles, etc etc etc.

If I was in the market to update my bag - I have my eye on these:
This one would be perfect for air travel!  Big enough for ALL of the essential for lil guy and me :)
This would be perfect for work trip - no need for a laptop case!

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