Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coffee Table Makeover

Remember that Sneak Peek I hinted about before Thanksgiving (i.e. 7 months ago?!)  Well we FINALLY put the finishing touches on last weekend.

This was written last November:

Half of our home is brand new.  The other half is a modge podge of our individual items becoming 'ours' and hand me downs from family members.  I wouldn't have it any other way :)  I love that I can look at each item in our home and know that there is a story that is attached.  Our living room couches?  They were bought the day before we got married.  My mom was in town visiting and she had a blast helping us figure out how to get them from Costco to our storage unit in less than an hour.  The living room lamps?  J and I impulse shopped at Target last holiday season and came home with the lamp shades that ended up setting the stage for the rest of our decor.  Our coffee table?  It was from J's parents house.  His mom was redecorating her home office and didn't need the table anymore.  It fit perfectly in the middle of our living room.

As we slowly update a section of our home at a time, I kept getting pulled back to our living room.  With the dark couches and dark coffee table, it felt 'heavy' in there.  Does that make sense?  There isn't much natural light in our living room so I painted the cream fireplace white.  We added our white wall to the entry way (as seen in the weekly bump pictures) and then I painted the back of the door white.  The living room still felt 'heavy' even with all of the new, bright, white.  So I decided to let the wild hair take over.

J had been planning on building our end tables for weeks.  I decided to take full advantage of the tools and supplies in the garage and strip our coffee table down at the same time.  We are still on the lookout for our perfect coffee table, but that's no reason not to update what we currently have!  Thankfully sanding the top was a piece of cake.  The legs were another story.  So I headed to Pinterest and ended up finding some awesome pieces that were white and gray.  I was SOLD.  Thankfully, God bless my amazing husband, he was on board with my wild hair.

After sitting in our living room for months with only stain on, we finally were able to get a few coats of poly on over the weekend:

The End Table J made

We stained the end table and the top of the coffee table gray.  I then used the same white paint we are using everywhere else to pain the underside of the coffee table.  I love the finished look.  Our living room still has a way to go, but this is a step in the right direction!

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