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#wiggydiggy - 6 Months

#wiggydiggy | 6 MONTHS

nicknames | kid, bug, lil man

weight | 
 Our 'at home method' must be a bit off from previous months (my guess), or else you barely grew.  Percentile wise, you've dropped from the 90th to the 50th in height and the 50th to the 30th in weight.  Your Dr. says you are PERFECT and we cannot disagree.

Birth - 7 lbs 5 oz  ~  21 1/2"
1 Month - 10 lbs 8 oz  ~  22"
2 Months - 12 lbs 5 oz  ~  24"
3 Months - 13 lbs 4 oz  ~  25"
4 Months - 15 lbs  3 oz  ~  26"
5 Months - 16 lbs 12 oz  ~  26 1/4"
6 Months - 16 lbs 14 oz ~  26 1/2"

size | Size 3 diapers all the way.  We kept you in size 2 night time diapers to use them all up and we ran out just in the nick of time.  You are in 9 month clothes (still for that long torso) but a few select 6 month pants still fit.  I had to wash up all of your 12 month clothing and get it ready for your next growth spurt.  

sleep |  
Still a cat-napper :) and still waking once a night to nurse.  I'm going to miss you when you start sleeping all the way through the night!  You go down around 8pm and wake up around 6am.  You still sleep in your pack n play next to our bed (mostly because I love just pulling you into bed to nurse and not having to get up) but you nap great in your crib on the weekends.  Now that you are 6 months, I'm going to start the transition to your crib every night.   

eats | Tried your first banana on 5/11!  That brought a few tears.  The next day you went to town gumming that banana like you hadn't eaten in days.  Daddy and I are using the Baby Led Weaning method (loosely).  Since you still aren't interested in a spoon, I try a puree every other day or so.   Otherwise, it's still all breast milk, all the time, only now you eat every three hours during the day.

loves | Your jumperoo.  You could jump for HOURS and be happy.  You love your walker, lovie-blanket and playing peek-a-boo.

dislikes | Waiting to eat.  That's pretty much it.  You are so happy and relaxed, Daddy and I are overjoyed with you.

firsts |  You and I have had some adventures this month!  You stayed in Billings for a whole week with Grandma and me in a hotel - and did AWESOME.  You also went on your first plane ride and out of state visit!  You loved meeting momma's best friend, Joslyn. 

Momma | 6 MONTHS OLD?!  How did this happen?!  I still feel like we just came home from the hospital.  When I rock and nurse you at daycare, I tear up knowing that you no longer fit in my lap.  Your legs hang over the chair and you'll stretch out to show me how tall you are getting.  I swear you are going to walk before you crawl.  All you want to do is stand and move your feet up and down.

You are my sunshine #wiggydiggy.  You're a serious little boy who loves to observe the world around you.  At my conference I received more than a few comments from attendees saying how amazed at how well behaved you were.   You sat so well and babbled to anyone who talked to you.  Not one cry or outburst!   You still love to nurse and nurse and nurse.  We have a special bond, you and I.  I treasure every snuggle we have and I love your open mouthed kisses.  I love you so much.

Daddy | You are 6 months old today, half way to your first birthday!  Each day I love you more and am amazed by how much you have grown.  You are a little wiggle worm and changing your diapers is an adventure.  You can sit up almost on your own and you rock at tummy time.  Lately, you have been waking up at 4am and have been having conversations with yourself, the darkness, and Jesus J  You love your jumperoo and Jamie at daycare.  I can’t wait to see how much more you will learn and how big you will get in the next 6 months.  I love you very much Son!

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