Monday, August 3, 2015

#wiggydiggy 8 Months

#wiggydiggy  | 8 MONTHS

nicknames | bug, lil man, buggy, magoo

weight |  18 pounds 2 oz and 28 inches long!!  

size | Size 3 diapers all the way, 12 month jammies and a healthy mix of 9 and 12 month clothes.   I have a feeling it will be all 12 month before this month is over.

 sleep |  Still an awesome sleeper.  You had a few bumps while on vacation with your schedule being thrown off, and then again when you were fighting a virus.  You are down to 2 or 3 naps a day that average 2 hours.  You sleep *mostly* through the night, going to bed by 8 and waking up when I nurse you before work.

eats | Anything and everything we give you!  You have homemade puree's at daycare and we do 'Baby Led Weaning' at home.  You are SUCH a good eater!  We still nurse but you have been boycotting your AM bottle at daycare.  :/  Not sure what your new schedule will look like.  

loves | Your jumperoo, as always :)  Books, being in your Beco, cars/trucks/things with wheels, playing peek-a-boo.

dislikes | Waiting on food, dirty diapers, laying on your back

firsts |  Crawling!!  While on vacation, you finally put it together and used your arms to pull you forward!!  You are trying really hard to get up on your hands and knees, so I think that is just days away.  Eating ribs ;)  You love your protein!

Momma | It's true, what they say.  Time flies the first year.  I feel like we should still be home, snuggled up in the rocking chair, memorizing each other’s faces.  How did we get to 8 months so quickly?!  You are a mover and a shaker.  You are so inquisitive about everything around you and so serious when you are learning something new.  You absolutely LOVE to play with your friends and you are always so happy!  I love how you light up when you see me.  I love the monkey grip you have around my neck when I pick you up.  Our bond is tight, kid.  I love you so much.

Daddy | Son, you are 8 months old today and wow how you have grown. Your mom and I were talking the other night about how you used to fit across our chest and now you take up our whole upper body. You are a mover and squirmer and are so curious about everything. It's so fun seeing you learn and develop right in front of our eyes. You are army crawling like a champion and starting to push up and bring your knees up. It won't be long until you will be motoring around the house.  I love you so much son and can't wait to see how much you develop in the next month. 

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