Monday, August 10, 2015

The Tale of the Missing Hot Water

Long story short:
Our water heater went out.

Long story made longer:
Took us a whole extra day to get it put in.

Thanks pipes (insert sarcasm)

Turns out that the previous owner's 'handyman' work on the sprinkler system made the opening three whole inches smaller than the water heater.

Which meant.....we took the door off.  Then took a stud down...

Love those wires?!  Another project to tackle.
The dead water heater. Ew. 

This is how we made do over the weekend.  (Boiling pots of water to use with the freezing water in our pipes.  FUN!)  Bless the in-laws who let us shower at their place Friday morning.  Bless them.

The new water heater!!

And a proper door to follow.  There was an interior door on previously.

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  1. Oh yikes, that can't have been very fun. It's only when they stop working that I realize how much I rely on stuff like water heaters, air conditioners, internet, etc. -- I'd be lost if they all went out at the same time!