Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Tips for Eczema

#wiggydiggy has my sensitive skin, but he has his Daddy's family eczema.  So combine the two and what do you get?
A Mama who can beat the battle!!

That's right folks, #wiggydiggy may have a flare up (two in the last 16 months) but it's nothing horrible and nothing I can't fix practically overnight.

All of these tips I learned from our Allergist.  She's educated from the National Jewish Hospital and spent a large portion of her career studying eczema.

Especially those that say "for Baby's Eczema" or "Oatmeal"

The items that use oatmeal have been linked backed to food allergies.  The way your skin works is that it think oatmeal is only meant for the outside, so you attempt to eat it.....and dun dun dun.  Allergic reaction.

The best over-the-counter soaps/cleaners/lotions are:

We use Cetaphil at bath time and lotion up with Vanicream or Cetaphil after baths.  I have even started using Cetaphil as my main lotion and I've seen a difference in my skin.  Two thumbs up!

Take a 15 minute bath with no or mild soap EVERY night.

I'll be the first to admit, we miss a bath or two a month.  (seriously, only one or two a month) But J and I are committed to getting our little boy into his bath every night.  It's part of our bedtime routine and it's beneficial in keeping eczema at bay!

Go see an Allergist!

When #wiggydiggy was just a few weeks old I thought he had a clogged tear duct.  Turns out it was eczema on his eye lid.  Over the span of a month, nothing I was doing was working (oatmeal lotions, special expensive lotions, changing my diet, changing detergent) and it was spreading across his body.  One evening I was talking with a friend from church and she pulled out the VaniCream and her Allergist's number.  Her daughter had severe eczema, and if there's one thing I've learned, it's trust a mama in the trenches.

Our Allergist prescribed two very mild steroid creams.  One is for face only and the other for the rest of the body.  If I thickly apply it at night, all visible signs of eczema are gone by morning!  On nights I don't see any signs, I slather him in a nice thick coat of lotion

Educate your self on eczema.

This is a great website:

Just remember, the milder/gentler the product, the better.

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