Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#wiggydiggy 16 months

This is late.  I'm sorry babe.  Between your flu/double ear infection/teething ick and me out of town, I never got around to posting this.  But I LOVE YOU!

#wiggydiggy | 16 Months

nicknames | bug, buggy, love bug, magoo, pumpkin pie, wiggydiggy

weight | 23 pounds 9 oz.  31 1/2 inches tall.  

size | 18 month clothes and size 3 and 4 shoes.  Size 3 diapers. 

sleep | You like your bedtime at 730 and you wake between 630 and 7 for breakfast.  You are taking 1 or 2 naps a day totaling 3 hours.  If you get the full 3 hours in the AM, you are good to go until bedtime.

eats |  You are starting to show your preference in what you like, so I always offer the veggies first at dinner :)  You still eat more than me (how?!  Where does it all go!?) and you eat as healthy as I can possibly get it.  Lots of fruits, veggies, dairy and protein.  

loves | Reading your book in your chair, tickle fights with mama, playing outside and blowing raspberries

dislikes | Not getting to go outside, getting your nose wiped, waiting on food and drinking milk.

firsts | Another tooth!  Your left bottom molar showed up right at 16 months and the right one is just under the skin. (ouch).  A few more words have been added to your vocabulary and you are using your spoon to eat now!

Momma | We stopped nursing a few days before you turned 14 months old.  That also brought an end to rocking you before bed.  Now you prefer that I read you a story, or three, and then put you straight in your crib.  You roll right over and go to sleep and I stand there aching to hold you as you doze.  We've got a special bond kid :)  You are so generous with your kisses to me and I take every single one you lay on me.  Now that the weather is warming up we are taking walks after daycare so you can "tell" me all about your day.

I love you so much bug.  You are growing up so fast and I don't want to miss a minute of it.  You're the best kid ever.

Daddy | My darling little boy, you have had a rough couple of weeks lately but you have kept a smile on your face and powered through the sickness and pain.  I love coming home and hearing your laugh and how you run to the door to greet me, any stress in my day instantly melts away.  You are such a great kid and I can’t wait to see you grow and do amazing things…but not too fast.  I like our grunt communications in the mornings when you are awake in your crib…this is daddy’s indicator that you are in fact awake.  You bring so much joy to your Mom and I.  I will always love you my dear Son

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