Friday, June 29, 2018

5 on Friday - Tech help

I have a long list of blog topics I want to write about, but finding time to sit down and write everything is proving difficult.

I end up getting distracted by one adorable baby :)

Also, I'm taking full advantage of my maternity leave and getting all of my annual dr's appointments done, running 1000 errands and spring cleaning the house.

Here are the 5 apps that are helping me keep everything in order.

First up - my favorite baby app

I use this to track our nursing and now that we are working on a schedule I track his sleep as well.
The first two weeks I also used it to track my medicine and his diaper changes.
I also keep track of his weight and height and other fun moments.  It helps when my dr asks me a question and I can't remember!


My Roomba App!

God bless my husband for the best gift ever.  I wish I had gotten this years ago!
I have the vacuum scheduled 5 days a week.  During the first month I ran it twice a day to help it learn our floor plan quicker.
On the weekend, I'll tell our Echo to start a job as we are walking out the door (if we leave the house that is!)
There's something about vacuum lines in the carpet that is just so calming. :)

As mentioned above - My Echo
Specifically the Alexa app

I still don't utilize our Echo as much as I should, but I'm starting!
I love the list feature.  When I'm in the kitchen and realize we are running out of something, I just tell Echo to add it to the grocery list.
I also use the timer feature and alarm feature all the time.
Plus....ask for the weather 10 times a day.


My Fitness Pal

I love this app to not only track my weight gain (during pregnancy) and loss (postpartum) but to track my water consumption.

Now that I'm 6 weeks postpartum I'm tracking my food as well to get me back on track to healthy eating


And the best app ever.....

If you shop online and DON'T use Ebates you are MISSING OUT.
They pay you to shop online!  It's a no brainer!!

Use this link for $10 back - EBates - It Pays to Share!

I'm doing all the shopping I can online.
Granted I live in the boonies, so some of it is 'In Store Pickup' instead of free shipping, but hey - I'm earning money by buying our toilet paper online!

Walmart, Target, Amazon.  You name it, you can earn cash back on your purchase.
Buying diaper?  $$
Toothpaste? $$
Super cute matching outfits for the kids?  $$
If we had Wal-Mart curbside pickup, I'd totally do all our groceries that way too :)

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