Monday, June 4, 2018

Memorial Weekend 2018

We normally go to Glacier National Park over Memorial Weekend.
This year we postponed our trip a few weeks ;)
Taking a two week old on a road trip just didn't sound like a good idea!

Instead we stayed close to home.  Our only road trip was to Canyon Ferry Lake for a little rock throwing (toddler's request) and the scenic route home through the mountains (my request).

Sunday morning we had newborn photos.  Justin headed out with his dad and brother to visit family in Northern Montana shortly after we finished.  Having both kiddos all afternoon went surprisingly smooth.  Bed time on the other hand.....not so much.  Blessed Justin came home only an hour after bedtime and helped get #wiggydiggy to sleep while I was nursing.

Monday was nice and quiet.  I spent my day with a baby in my arms and the big boys did some yard work.

Why can't every weekend be three day weekends?
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