Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Five

We survived our first week!
This little man sleeps the day away.

I've totally lost track of the days.  Every morning when J leaves for work I'm surprised it's not the weekend yet!  I'm so glad he's taking vacation next week when my mom heads home.

Now that we have a BOY we are excited to start putting up decor in the nursery.  Our recent purchase:

With breastfeeding, I've found myself looking for a new show on Netflix.  I ended up on Gossip Girl.  I was a HUGE Gilmore Girl fan in high school and own all of the seasons, so I thought it would be a fun guilty pleasure to indulge in.  So far, I'm hooked.

But I'm open to suggestions for my next show!

I have never been in love with my husband anymore than now.  Watching him rock his roll as Dad and taking amazing care of me for the past week has been such a blessing.  I always knew he was the best man around.  I love you .  To the moon and back.

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