Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Bellefit Story

Half way through my pregnancy I started to see Bellefit Girdles everywhere online.  From Instagram and blog posts to Pinterest and Facebook.  It was enough to peak my interest to look into this 'amazing product.'

I ended up following Bellefit on Intagram to read their user reviews each week.  Every time I read a real woman's positive review of their product, I was sold.

Now, I may be a fortunate one, but I wore the girdle only three times between giving birth and #wiggydiggy's two week check-up.  At that appointment I was already at my pre-pregnancy weight.  In the weeks following, I still haven't worn the girdle as often as I should.  However, on the days I wear it, I feel better.  My back is supported, I have better posture and I don't have to think about 'sucking it in'.

When I ordered my girdle I was assigned a size small, my only issue is that my long torso has the top of the girdle hitting me in the middle of a rib.  If it was a half inch longer, it would fit perfectly.

Without Bellefit at 3 weeks postpartum

With Bellefit at 3 weeks postpartum

It may be a small difference, but it's noticeable to me.  Mostly I feel better when it's on.  Right now I'm still on the outside setting of the corset and my goal is to be on the tighter setting before my 30th birthday (January 30th!).  I know that when I wear it regularly, I'll be able to reach that goal.

I had looked into other tummy binding products on the market, and I can honestly say that Bellefit is exceptional.  The results I see and feel are worth it.  I'm so happy that I've been in pre-pregnancy clothes since I got home from the hospital!!  All thanks to the help from my Bellefit :)

I have not been compensated by Bellefit in anyway.  This is my own personal opinion I wanted to share with all of you!

Update 1/28/15
Bellefit shared my story on their Instagram and Twitter accounts!!  Wow!  

Also, on January 3rd I hit my goal of using the tighter setting. After two solid weeks of 12 hours a day on that setting, I retired my girdle until my (maybe) next pregnancy. The girdle is now too big!

I love the results Bellefit helped me achieve!

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