Friday, April 7, 2017

5 on Friday - Road Trip Essentials

Happy Friday!

Spring has officially spring in Montana.  Which means rain and ALLERGIES.
I'm a hot mes and using everything OTC I can find to get this itchy eye, running nose, sneezing situation under control.
Fun times!

To distract me from the worst spring I can remember, I'm prepping for our 10 hour road trip in a few weeks.  #wiggydiggy and I are going alone while Dad is headed to a Bachelor party in Vegas.  With #wiggydiggy 90% potty trained (sleeping times are still in pull-ups) it's going to be a fun adventure!

First up - the Britax Seat Protector.  This one is rated for our car seat , but I know there are other brands out there.
This is invaluable for potty training AND the inevitable cup spills.  #wiggydiggy has already tested it out once (by dumping an entire water bottle in his lap) and I was pleasantly surprised how great a job it did.  It collected all the wet and his car seat was spotless!  It was easy to wash and get back in his seat.

Water Wow!
We purchased a three pack before our road trip last year, but #wiggydiggy wasn't really into them.  Now he LOVES them.  I ordered two new ones to surprise him with while we are on the road.
Tip - take all of the brushes, fill them up, and keep them in a baggie.  That way when one runs out, you can pass back another without having to pour water while going down the road.

Fully charged Tablet WITH movies/TV shows downloaded.

We were very strict about TV time up until our lil boy turned two.  Now he loves watching movies and telling me all about the characters adventures.  10 hours on the road is a long trip, so a movie or two to distract him and pass about 3 of those hours will be priceless.

To be perfectly honest - I HATE kids watching TV in the car.  The only time I have bitten my tongue and given in has been on the drive to my parents and back.  I cannot wait until he's reading and I can pass back a new book instead of a tablet.

I found ours at Target on sale, so check there too!

#wiggydiggy saw me taking it out of the bag and he freaked out with excitement.  The stainless steel keeps the water cooler longer with the added bonus of looking like mom and dad's coffee mugs.


The night before we leave I back up all of my photos, remove them from my phone, and take up all extra space with downloaded podcast episodes.

With all of the travel I do for work, I am almost through their entire archive.  I'm really looking forward to getting totally caught up!

Any good podcasts you love?

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