Thursday, April 6, 2017

Update on Us

First and foremost - Thank you all for your sweet words and prayers.

We are doing well.

Justin and I are a great team.  Since we had walked through a miscarriage before, the road wasn't too unfamiliar.  However, the diagnosis of a tumor was a bit harder to process.

I am so grateful to have such a solid rock to lean on when I need the support.  Justin and I talk a lot so we were able to discuss what we were feeling and thinking at each turn.  Knowing that we walk through life holding hands, it makes each challenge seem less like a mountain and more like a mole hill.

I was mostly terrified of general anesthesia.  I've never had surgery and my only hospital visit was when I had #wiggydiggy.

While my procedure was a common one (D&C) my risks were uncommon.  Molar Pregnancy risks are hemorrhage which leads to an emergency hysterectomy.

Thankfully the surgery went better than expected and my follow-up has been just a miracle upon miracle.  We have no idea what path we will be headed down next, but we are excited to do so holding hands.

And because my husband knows me so well - he asked me to take a photo the night before my surgery.  Here we are in all our make-up free, pajama wearing, wrinkled pillow glory.

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