Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekend Photo Dump

And.....it's Tuesday.

Monday's are such a fast day that I'm always amazed when I'm climbing into bed at night that the day is over.

Saturday we had a fun road trip to Missoula.  Visited the Children's Museum (not a big fan, probably won't visit again), had a great lunch and did a little shopping before heading home.

SO proud to announce that #wiggydiggy did GREAT on the road trip.  We did have to pull over once each way for a potty break (this potty chair is the best!) and he even napped without his pull up on!  YAY for being potty trained!!

Sunday was church and a lazy afternoon.
The weather was chilly/rainy and perfect for catching up on chores.

A little homemade drum set music while I made dinner.  Nothing is better than a personal concert from your little boy.

While I focused on some 'Spring Cleaning' laundry (throw blankets, bath mats, etc, etc) the boys took a joy ride in the neighbors Polaris!  The little boy was hooked and whined for another ride all afternoon.  Haha.

Don't worry, we took him out in the golf cart Monday after work.

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