Tuesday, April 10, 2018

35 Weeks

How far along:  35 weeks

Baby size:  close to 6 pounds!  Woah.

Baby's progress:  It's all about birth prep now - putting on weight and getting into position.

Weight gain:  18 pounds

Stretch marks:  Not yet!!

Sleep: My naps on the weekend are THE BEST.  A solid two hours of deep sleep make up for the tossing and turning I'm doing at night.
Though - we are getting a new mattress topper and I think it will immensely help.

Gender: Coming to a hospital near us this May!

Movement:  Lots of hiccups still.  Movement is still big, but not as often as before.

Best moment this week: I slept for 6 straight hours without tossing or turning once.
Also, we finished some big projects for the nursery.  I'm just waiting on an order to arrive and then we just have to wait until baby arrives to finish the decor!

Looking forward to:  Swim lessons with #wiggydiggy and his best friend!  Maternity pictures are coming up soon too!

Food cravings:  Still want Sunny D.  I'm down to a glass in the morning when I wake up and that's about it.  Food aversion is back (mostly because I'm running out of room)

Belly Button - In or Out:  mostly out.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Food in general

Wedding Rings - On or Off:  Off while at work.  The warmer weather and sitting all day makes my fingers swell (and thankfully nothing else)

Labor signs: Braxton Hicks

What I miss:  Working out, sleeping on my back.  Jeans that button and zipper.

Symptoms: Baby is LOW.  Belly is big.  Braxton Hicks are happening daily.

Workouts: Does walking back and forth to the bathroom count?

Things that suck:  Groin/Pelvic pain.  This baby is low and ready to go.  OUCH.

Things that don't suck:  #wiggydiggy singing songs to the baby before bed.  It's the cutest!!

#wiggydiggy at 35 weeks

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