Friday, March 20, 2020

Five on Friday - What Interesting TImes

Working from Home

There are some hard feelings here (mismanagement and poor leadership...). 

Our schools were cancelled Sunday evening.  Luckily, our daycare was open Monday due to the last minute announcement and then I was sent home Monday at noon (1. I had a cough and 2. no childcare starting Tuesday).  Our company reluctantly sent a select few Monday to WFH and finally sent all non-essential staff home Tuesday afternoon after saying they weren't.
Even though the Risk Management Department had been asking what our policy was for weeks per the CDC recommendations.....

See.  Hard feelings.

My home office is our dining room table.  I wanted to tuck away into a bedroom or the kitchen nook, but with two young children, I need to be centrally located to referee all day.  Plus they like to sit by me and do "work" aka coloring and tracing.  Makes phone calls fun!

Justin still has to go into the office.  He's not meeting with the public and their lobby is closed, so his risk is low.  However he just doesn't have WFH capabilities at this time. 

About that cough

It's a cold.  #biggywigs and I are suffering from runny noses + drainage = cough.
I was proactive and went to CVS two weeks ago to pick up a stock pile of basic items.  Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold meds, contact solutions, etc.  It's come in handy with the cold that hit right when we moved to social distancing!

Also, major props to CVS and their CarePass program.  I signed for the CarePass a few months ago.  I was sold on the $5 charge to get $10 in store credit each month PLUS 20% off all CVS products.  I already purchase CVS brand everything so it was a no brainer. 
I found out shortly after that CarePass also does free ship to home!  This is so handy for prescriptions and the random odds and ends I find us needing (but just don't have time to get to the store to pick up)

This is not an ad, just an awesome benefit I want to share :)

Winner of oddest purchase

The posture corrector

Things I Bought And Liked posted about this a while ago.
Serendipitously (I saw the writing on the wall, WFH was coming down the pike, fast) I decided to order it late last week.

Now that I'm sitting in a non-ergonomic chair and at a non-ergonomic table, this has been a lifesaver.  No more back pain!  I HIGHLY recommend it!


Oh lordy.  I'm so late to this trend.
I thought that they looked so unflattering.  All baggy through the hips and thighs but tight on the ankles?  Ugh.  No thank you.

I recently decided I was tired of putting my pajama pants on when I got home from work and I wanted to find a pair of  sweats instead.  I like leggings, but for working out.  I don't like wearing them as pants very often.

A very long winded way to say, I finally saw the appeal of joggers as lounge clothes. 
I found a pair at TJ Maxx for under $15 and then grabbed this pair from J. Crew Factory at 40% off plus 20% off and free shipping.

Winter finally arrived

Last weekend.  Of course it was the weekend my parents came up for a quick visit.  They were delivering our 1/4 of a cow and the snow delayed their departure a day.  YAY!!

But being home with snow and cold temps after months of 50's?  TORTURE.
There is nothing I want to do more than kick the kiddo's outside so I can work, but it's too cold the majority of the day.

I'm stalking the weather channel (because I'm only checking the CDC and WHO once a day for updates). 

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  1. I am definitely going to try that posture corrector. I'm also at the dining room table so Cora can color next to me and I can supervise "homeschool" (yikes!!!) and I miss my office chair already. (Even though it's just downstairs, and I could easily get it up here, it would just look weird.)