Monday, March 10, 2014

Funday Monday ~a link up!~

Oh-my-lanta.  What a weekend! I swear it was Friday an hour ago.  What happened?

Since it went by so quickly, I had to scour my phone to see if I took any photos!  And joy for you - I have a few.  But they are HORRIBLE.  So I'll only burn your eyes with three.

Friday we finished painting the living room/bar area.  Horrible photo - but you can see the contrast.  The darker color is the new color.  Behr Fashion Gray.

Also Friday I did some Target shopping for new throw pillows that match our decor.  The Bozeman, store had all the of the pillows we've been looking for that the Helena store never carried.  Score!!
Saturday I deep cleaned.  I'm half through my goal of 20 bags in 40 days.  (I modified the 40 bags in 40 days that is going around.  Since we just moved, I already had a deep purge).  I have bags 10, 11 and box 12 siting in the dining room almost full and ready to be donated. I can't wait to show the final pictures!  J helped a buddy finish his basement.  He'll be working on that a few evenings this week and  next weekend. Sunday I went over there as well to play with their little boy.  Mom works nights, so with the boys busy she needed an extra set of hands so she could nap.  Love those three!!

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