Monday, March 3, 2014

Lighting - Introduction

Our homes decor was stuck in the 80's when we moved in.  Brass was everywhere - curtains, light fixtures, faucets, door handles.  Every. Single. Room.
TL - Dining and Hallway 
TR - Outside Lights
BL - Master Light
BR - Guest Bath

So we've been slowly updating (and spray painting).  The biggest change was putting a ceiling fan in the living room, where nothing had been before!  However, the funnest change was putting in the new chandeliers.  In the top left picture you can see the glorious old dining room chandelier and the matching hall light.  I was able to sell those on a resale site!
Top - Nook
Bottom - Family Room

So far we've updated the main areas of the house.  Not a single 'UFO' bedroom light fixture has been changed.  The three guest room will get ceiling fans but we cannot put one in the master at it's current location.  Picking a 4 post bed has its drawbacks occasionally....darn it.
Some Afters:
TL: Nook
TR: Dining Table
BL: Kitchen Sink Pendant
BR: Hallway

The Nook and Dining room are from this set from Home Depot.  The pendant was a Black Friday deal from Home Depot as well.  I've seen it in the store many times but I cannot locate it on their website now.  Spray paint is my new best friend.  I've spray painted curtain rods, door knobs, light fixtures, and on and on and one.  It's the fastest way to make a change!

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