Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend started like every other - with a list of a home projects we wanted to tackle.  This week we decided it was time for the bathroom wall paper trim to come down.  
  Yes, we painted the ceiling first.  No tape required!      
          Remember this gem?  

With the half bath (blue) done and the guest bath (yellow) half done, we started talking while our hands were above our head scraping.  Our conversation quickly turned to - let's rip up the carpet this weekend!  Justin and I took a 'quick' break from wallpaper duty and ran to the half bath to start ripping it apart.

We had to remove everything that wasn't carpet. /  Wallpaper-less walls! / The vanity that we recently put in and will stay.

We love the new vanity we bought, so we quickly removed it and put it in the garage for safe keeping.  Once we rolled up the carpet we were met with an unpleasant surprise - the carpet pad was glued directly onto the concrete.  Justin put his muscle to work and attacked the floor with a vengeance. I stayed a safe distance away and would quickly dart in and out to grab flying materials.

Once the floor was cleaned, we went to Home Depot to pick our tile and start putting the bathroom back together.  Justin is amazing.  He tiled the whole bathroom while I worked on other projects (painting the kitchen ceiling, finished the half bath wallpaper removal, regular home chores, etc, etc.)

We choose Montanya Porcelin tile in Bellauno with a Nickle decorative piece.  Every single tile had to be cut!  Hopefully when we start in the guest bathroom we will be able to use some of the discarded cuts and save on some material.  Justin did an amazing job!  I can't wait to show off the finished project, but first I get to start looking for paint......

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