Friday, November 18, 2016

Five on Friday - Recent Purchases

Just as comfy for half the price!  I picked up a black pair but they have many, many more colors!

I mention Poshmark often, but I was able to snag some J Brand skinny jeans for under $30. 

I had a gift card, so I stalked the Old Navy website until I saw a killer price on their cable knit sweaters.
A good bargain and free shipping!
Though, at 5'7" (and with a long torso) I should have ordered Talls.  It's always hit and miss with length for me.  So they are back in the mail to be exchanged


I've been dealing with hormonal acne post baby and it's not been fun.  At all.
I started washing my face with coconut oil in the evenings and I've yet to have a new breakout! (which is amazing and I've waiting a whole 30 days just to be sure)
I've read multiple review and I'm excited for my order from Damn Good Face Wash to arrive!

A punch card to a Yoga/Barre/Pilates studio.
Merry Christmas, let me sweat and hurt all over.

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