Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Whole30 Prepwork

The concept of Whole30 has intrigued me for the better part of a year.  On my own I had already started cutting out processed/artificial food and drinks.  I've been soda and red bull free for about 6 months now.  I've been cutting out sugary snacks, but Halloween was a huge test for me.   Only a few bite sized candy bars were eaten and everything else was handed out to trick or treaters!  The day after Halloween we were candy free in our house.

I have always been in tune with my body.  My chiropractor has joked that I can feel every shift of muscle and bone.  He's not far off!  Now that I'm paying even more attention to how I feel after eating certain foods, I'm beginning to have a clear picture of cause and effect.

Long winded intro to say I'm going to try Whole30 after the New Year.

I'm not crazy enough to do it over the holidays!  Haha.

By mentally preparing during the hardest season to eat healthy, I know that January will be a successful month.

I've been laying the groundwork and taking Step 5 by storm.  (Step 5: Get Your House in Order)
I'm making as many meals as I can now with all of the non-Whole30 compliant foods we have.  This means lots of pasta, rice, beans, etc.  By making as many meals now as I can, I means that when I run out of something, I'm filling it with a Whole30 compliant food instead.

Already my salad dressing has gotten a face lift.
Pinterest has helped immensely.  I'm already incorporating Whole30 recipes and meal plans into my lunch rotation.

I'm going to try Cauliflower Rice this weekend.

If you've done Whole30 before - have any good recipes to share? 

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